Totem Animals

What are Totem or Spirit Animals?

If you find your self being attracted to a particular animal for no obvious reason this could be a sign that a spirit animal as shown itself to you to teach you and guide you.

Let’s say you feel drawn to a bird of prey this could be an Eagle or an Owl.

So, let’s say  you find your self-drawn to an Owl.  You may wonder why an Owl.

There are reasons for this that may not be understood.

All totem animals have qualities that they can teach to humans to show them pacific characteristics related to that animal.

Owls are considered wise they are also very good hunters particularly at night and have excellent eyesight.

So, they may show themselves to you to teach you how to be aware of your surroundings and be aware of what is going on around you. Wisdom comes with knowledge the more you learn about life the more you gain.

This can be used to help you learn lessons that will help you on your spiritual path.

Next let’s look at the deer.  These animals can be very shy and wary and in certain cases keep out of sight. They can run and jump great distances when they feel threatened.

They are also very good at hiding in the grass and amongst t trees.

So, their teachings could be to tell an individual to be aware of any dangers and to make its self blend in with surroundings.

One of the most common Totem animals is the Wolf and it one that I have heard many people say they feel close to including myself.

Wolves are a social animal that live in packs led by a male and female Alfa pair who control the pack.

They are very loyal show great courage cunning leadership and are very territorial in nature.

They always hunt in packs and when they have made a kill the Alfa pair will eat first then allow the others to eat in the social order of the pack. As a pack they all take care in looking after the young cubs. This helps to bind the pack together to ensure the packs survival.

Wolves can show an individual courage, leadership, endurance, loyalty and strength.

These are then a few examples of Totem animals and their meanings.

There are many more that can be looked at the list goes on.

To me this shows we have a very strong connection to the animal kingdom, and we are all connected to nature and the universe.

So, listen to your feelings observe and see what animal may show up to teach you what lessons you may need to learn.