The Crow Indians

The crow tribe were at one time allied or affiliated with the Hidatsa Indians on the Upper Missouri river .

At this time, they lived in and around Yellowstone river and its tributaries in Montana .

They broke away from the Hidatsa some time in or around the 17th and early 18th century .

Traditionally they lived like all other plain’s tribes hunting Buffalo ,and other game .

They became good equestrian horse  riders  skilled at horse racing they also traders .

They became middlemen in trading horses ,Bows, shirts ,and feather work to other plains tribes.

In exchange for guns ,and metal work .These they traded in turn with the Shoshone Indians .

In Crow society women could on ocation participate in raiding parties specially to avenge the death of a relative  killed in battle .

Like all other tribes the Vision Quest was very important part of spiritual life  to them .

Crow women could also engage in a Vision Quest but not a lot is known about women’s participation  in Vision Quest as very little was written about it .

The Crow also grew tobacco for ritual use and in Crow tradition it was given to them to overcome their enemies .

The Crow began to suffer high losses of people from The Black foot and The Sioux due to the expansion of the American colonisation which drove those tribes into Crow territory .

This constant threat to their land drove the Crow to side with the U.S Army in the Plains wars of the 1860s and 70s .

They became scouts for the U.S Army bringing with them their hunting and tracking skills helping the army against other tribes .

Some Crow Facts

The name Crow means bird people .

Men never cut their hair and would oil their hair with bear’s grease.

Clothing was more all less along the same lines as other tribes out on the [plains .They were known to paint pictograms on their clothing and Tepees as well .

Famous Crow Chief included Chief Long Hair,  Chief Sore Belly,   Chief Grisly Bear ,and Chief Plenty Coups . to name but a few .

Today there are around 15000 Crow people living in and around Montana on The Crow Indian Reservation in central Montana .

The Crow fair is an annual event that takes place in late July or august in Montana and is probably the largest celebration of all American and Canadian Powwows that take place with thousands attending this week long event .