Zuni Indians

Who were the Zuni Indians?

The Zuni Indians of New Mexico and the South west .

It is believed the Zuni people are descended from ancient Puebloans who lived in the South west of New Mexico, Arizona and South Colorado .

The Zuni language is unique to them and unrelated to the Pueblo people of the region  .

They practice a shamanic way of religion as well as Christian beliefs .

This they still do day with their sacred ceremonies and dances .

When the Spanish first encountered the Zuni people in 1540 this had devastating effect on them with disease and starvation affecting them and reducing the population .

The Spanish introduced domesticated livestock and new crops to them including Peaches and wheat.

Like all other tribes the Spanish brought  with them missionaries to try and convert them to Christianity .

This only  caused tension between the Spanish and the Zuni .

Raids by the Apache and Navajo did a lot to reduce the Zuni population along with political interference from the Spanish .

In 1680the Zuni joined forces with other Pueblos in an historic revolt which succeeded in driving the Spanish out of New Mexico .

Fearing reprisals though they fled to the Mesa Dowa Yalanne where they built a large settlement in the remains of Pueblos buildings .

However, there was not the room for all the people on the Mesa so many settled in small villages farming and rearing livestock .

When the Spanish returned some time latter a peace agreement was made, and the Spanish convinced the Zuni to move to place called Halowana on the North Bank of the Zuni River .

When in 1848 the Americans took control of the South West, they then in 1877 created the Zuni Reservation that is their land today .

Even today the Zuni are distinct in that they have managed to remain unaffected by outside influences and many of the people live in Zuni City New Mexico .

They live as much as they did in the past keeping their traditions and religious practices alive and well .

Visitors are welcome to the reservation daily and tours can be arranged and offered for a fee .