Mother Earth Connection

How and why are we connected with and to Mother Earth

 Many people around the world today have problems with nature and their place in the world .

People feel that something is missing in their life, and they don’t always know what it is or why .

Today we live in a world that is changing before our eyes and we are constantly being fed false information on what is and what isn’t. everywhere we go, we are being shown adverts for this or that, what we should or should not buy .It is an endless intrusion into our daily lives and can be very overwhelming leaving us feeling confused and in some cases overwhelmed .

This has led to a large part of the world’s  population cut off from their identity and disconnected to mother nature and spirituality .

So how can we regain our connection to nature and the planet ?

When you look around your world today how many people have access to green places that are easily accessible ? I would say that even in most big cities today we are not far from green places or parks that can offer us some connection to nature .

There are a lot of places in every country where people may have garden or back yard where you may have plants and a lawn that you look after .

What I am saying is that even these small areas are just as good as say the countryside or a park is .

If you take time to find a quiet place in your garden or a place in a park or in the country. You can then begin to find your connection with nature . You may just want to walk  amongst the trees or the meadows by a small brook or river, you can then start to feel nature all around you .

A good way is to find a quiet place and just listen to the silence don’t try to analyse what you may hear or see .

Just close your eyes and let your mind wander and feel the energy around you .

It may take a few times before you sense anything but the ,more you do this the better you will perceive what is around you .

You will eventually pickup energy vibes from the earth and your awareness will get stronger, and you will notice how much more alive you feel because your subconscious mind is able to relax and perceive .

Everything that there is and  that exists is all connected

We are not separate from everything else we are made of the same particles of the cosmic life force.

We do not own this planet we are only one part of its existence and as such we should treasure Mother Earth and honour her while we are in physical form here .

If we do not look after Mother Earth and keep plundering her, she will fight back and cleanse herself.

So, enjoy the world be apart of the world and you will feel the benefits both physical and spiritually .

They lived with nature

Our ancestors understood what it was to live with nature from our earliest time on the Earth

They did not think they were separate from nature but were part of it .

Everywhere on earth our ancestor’s paid homage to nature, they lived around the four seasons .

They looked at the night sky to see the cosmos as part of their world .

That knew about the changing seasons, the migration of animals and the weather patterns .

If they hadn’t done so, they would have perished long ago, and we would not have survived and flourished as a species .

Even today there are people who still live in remote places like the Amazon rain forests ,the Mountains of Tibet ,the steps of Russia, Africa, the Aboriginal people of Australia and parts of New Guinee  who live by nature and with nature .

Some are still hunter gatherers whilst others are nomadic in their lifestyles.