The Giveaway Ceremony

This ceremony was practiced by plains Indian tribes as a way of honouring someone who may have died or to mark a special celebration of an individual .

If a warrior had been killed in a skirmish with another tribe or had died in old age and was respected by the other members in the village then after a year of mourning by the immediate family, they would then have the giveaway ceremony.

When after a year of mourning a widow may want to give to certain other members of the family or extended tribal members items that belonged to the deceased, they would have a special give away ceremony honouring that individual .

This could include horses , war shields , blankets ,bows and arrows , any personal item that the widow felt appropriate .

These  gifts would be then handed out to individuals who was considered worthy of such items .

It was a great honour  to be given any item and would be gratefully received by any individual .

This custom his still practiced today by many native tribes across the U.S .and Canada and his a Goodway to ensure the memory of a particulate individual .