The Star People Connection

What is the connection between star beings and native American Indians ?

All native peoples on Turtle Island have had a strong belief in that they are descended from star beings from across the universe .

This tradition goes back for millennia and there are stories told of ancient visitors from the stars who were and still are in regular contact with many native people .

Some of the stories told say that they were even seeded by the star beings particularly among the southwestern tribe such as the Hopi ,Zuni ,Apache and the Navajo and that one day that is where they will eventually return to .

They say that often they encounter UFOs flying over their lands and some time even have contact with the beings from the crafts .

They just accept this as nothing out of the ordinary unlike Western governments that dismiss them as misidentified objects or keep the truth from the general public .

It is possible today to travel into the Southwest into the lands of some of the tribes and see Hieroglyphs carved on the side of rocky cliffs of all manner of things like animals, spiritual meanings and what look like spacemen or some sort of grey aliens.

The Hopi people have dolls they make called Kachinas that they say resemble the star beings .

The even dress on special occasions as these ancestral beings to oner them and celebrate connection to them in the hope that they will return.

In Mexico and other South American countries, they all have similar stories of the people coming from the stars and they also relate to this still occurring today when space craft are often seen on or round sacred mountains or even on the pyramids of the Maya and Aztec ruins .

Amongst the  the Lakota, Sheyenne and other plains tribes they all have stories that go back into the mist of time of visitors from the stars.

Most of the time these things are not always spoken about because of the current attitudes of officialdom and the military .

There are many credible stories that the star people will visit and land on reservations because they feel safe there from the military who I believe are not allowed on native lands .

There are numerous accounts of this by individuals on the reservations, they tell of all sorts of encounters they have taken place in the past right up to the present day .